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The immigration process can be quite complex, especially for those looking to reside permanently in the United States of America. Leave your immigration issues in the hands of a professional. Rely on the United State immigration services from Pilkington Immigration Law Firm - Calgary, AB. By working with the right US immigration lawyers, you will have a trusted team in your corner who can act on your behalf for your green card or visa.

United States Immigration Attorneys Here to Help

When you are hoping to make the United States your long-term home, but are wondering how to immigrate to the USA, then you will require the guidance of a knowledgeable immigration lawyer. Pilkington Immigration Law Firm - Calgary, AB, is here to see you through the process when you need assistance with an immigration matter. Time is often of the essence when it comes to immigration, and Pilkington Immigration Law Firm - Calgary, AB, is dedicated to working quickly to expedite matters on your behalf for entry into the US.

Eligibility Requirements for United States Immigration

There are many different reasons one may choose to immigrate to the United States. Perhaps you have an education or work prospect. Perhaps you plan to marry a United States citizen or have a close family tie to someone who is already a citizen. The most prominent reason that someone chooses to immigrate is associated with some type of opportunity. Regardless of what your reasons are, the attorneys at Pilkington Immigration – Calgary can help you navigate through the process, so it goes as smoothly as possible. There are certain requirements one must meet in order to be eligible to immigrate. Fortunately, we are knowledgeable of all of the intricacies and work to understand your unique circumstances. From there, we can get started to advise you on the most efficient path to legally immigrating to the United States.

United States Citizenship Application

The process of applying for American Citizenship can feel overwhelming without the proper guidance. Turn to the team at Pilkington Immigration Law Firm - Calgary, AB, for more information about the United States citizenship application. Our cross-border immigration attorneys are here to provide expert representation for your immigration case. We are here to guide you through the sequential process so that you avoid unnecessary delays or problems that can arise due to a change of circumstance before or during an application.

Important Information about US Waiver Applications

Recently, the US Department of Homeland Security has introduced a new procedure called E-Safe for US Waivers. This new process allows for faster processing of these waivers—sometimes in as little as 30 to 45 days (vs. the 6-month process previously). Only US attorneys are able to assist with this process. Fortunately, Pilkington Law has licensed US attorneys available to help you with your US Waiver.

Click here to learn more about this new US Waiver process.

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Your path to a seamless immigration process is achievable with the guidance of Pilkington Immigration Law Firm - Calgary, AB. Contact us today to schedule an appointment to discuss your eligibility options for immigration to the United States. We are ready to answer your questions and outline a plan for you.


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