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Family Green Cards for Canadian Citizens

Work with Pilkington Immigration of Calgary, AB, to understand if you qualify for family green cards for Canadian citizens. Our firm provides guidance through the family green card application process to the United States. This application is roughly divided into five categories, starting with immediate relatives such as spouses of United States citizens, children (unmarried 21 and under of United States citizens), and parents of United States citizens. Applications in this immediate relative category are processed the fastest and generally within one year.

Other categories include:

  • First preference: Unmarried, adult sons and daughters of U.S. citizens (adult means 21 or older.)
  • Second Preference (2A): spouses of green card holders, unmarried children of permanent residents
  • Second Preference (2B): Unmarried adult sons and daughters of permanent residents
  • Third Preference: Married sons and daughters (any age) of U.S. citizens
  • Fourth Preference: Brothers and sisters of adult U.S. citizens.

Although each of these other categories is possible to facilitate family class sponsorship for green cards to the United States, the processing time is longer in each successive category and can take several years in some instances.

If you are an immediate relative of a United States citizen, you may apply for a family green card by:

  • Filing your Form I-485 with your relative
  • Filing the Form I-130

If you are outside of the United States, you will first need to go through consular processing before applying for a green card. This application process takes place at a U.S. Department of State consulate abroad for an immigrant visa in order to come to the United States and be admitted as a permanent resident.

The process of applying for a family green card to the United States may seem overwhelming. That’s where Pilkington Immigration’s US family immigration lawyers come in. When you schedule with us, you'll be dealing with a law firm that wants to protect your rights. Every case we take on receives thorough and personal attention. We also offer:

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  • Flexible appointment schedules
  • A welcoming office environment
  • Business immigration assistance

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